Monday, May 3, 2010

Single Market? What Single Market? An open letter to the European Commissioner for the EU Single Market

Dear Single Market Commissioner,

Please go to your local branch in any of the very few banks that have branches throughout the EU and ask to move your account to another branch of the same bank in another member state of the EU.

Please repeat the same - similar process re your telephone, mobile telephone, internet, cable TV, electricity, water, mail, car insurance, health insurance, funds manager, lawyer, accountant, tax adviser, etc.

Then please open the newspaper or go online to try to get a job similar to the one you have now in another member state.

Then please consider how single is the market that was created on 1/1/1993, 17+ years later!

And then, please, do what you can to make the EU single market "single" for the average EU citizen.

Thank you (in advance).

Best regards

A (frustrated) EU citizen, living in a theoretical Single Market

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