Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Boris Johnson doesn't get (or want to get)

Why would any logical human want to buy goods and services of a country or visit a country that wants his/her money but not him/her there to live/work?

The EU is spreading this principle via the membership of the EU's Single Market. It has made EEA members such as Norway and non EEA Switzerland accept that.

That is what Boris eg does not get (or pretends he does not) and V. Schauble offered to explain to him by explaining the EU Treaty recently.

The emerging rule of the game in the world is: If you want absolutely free trade of goods and services and movement of capital then accept freedom of movement of people too and the EU is promoting it. 

Well done EU. That is a cause others should promote too. It is a human value cause, that humans are no less in freedom of movement rights than capital or goods and maybe one day this may be part of the WTO.

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