Saturday, August 4, 2012

Towards more national and local or continental and global?

The argumentation that subsidiarity drives focus at national or local level is faulty!

On the contrary, the most appropriate level of decision making is becoming more continental and more global (Earth-al).

The opposite is a fallacy.

Global warming is but one of the issues that require global scope and drive this dynamic towards continental and global level "subsidiarity".  Financial regulation is another.

As per things such as the EU, Mercosur or UNASUR, ASEAN and other dynamics towards continental scope in statehood, they are more useful now than ever before. In spite of the populism/narratives re national and local dynamics. They are part of the problems humankind faces, not the solutions. From city states to national states to continental and hopefully an Earth-state.

In indeed the appeal of local and national is emotional, but reality paints a different picture. Time for gutsy political and philosophical leadership to pave the way.

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