Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Mrs. Merkel what's the point of a Single or even Common Market if .....

World Trade & the EU Single Market:

The German reply to the Barroso proposal re the EU's trade policy can lead one to ask the German government (and the UK one of course) the following:

What is the point of a Single or even Common Market or even a Free Trade Area (Cameron's dream for the EU) if the members of it do not have some benefits from it compared to non-members?

Seems that some EU members (eg Germany) want to have the cake and eat it too, ie fully exploit the EU Single Market and the Eurozone market (60% and 40% respectively of German exports in 2011) while fully exploiting WTO free trade to outsource production to ...?

It is accidental that German and Chinese domestic consumption is relatively low?

Or that China's WTO entry took place 1 month (December 2001) before the introduction of the Euro coins and notes?

Are German governments "team players" in the EU or Eurozone "team"? Which ones, in the last 10-20 years?

There is no I in team nor in Eurozone.

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