Sunday, February 12, 2012

Instead of the UK arguing for fewer EU laws and more national laws it should ..

Instead of the British arguing for fewer EU laws and more national laws they should be arguing for fewer laws in general! Secular societes/polities have become too over-legislated and bureaucratised. Instead of the British arguing that, they want to leave or have the EU revert to a mere free trade area! Well, there is always EFTA for that, and of course, the WTO.

The EU is a single market and a real single market means uniform laws in everything, a single currency and a single polity (aka political union).

But uniformity of laws across the EU while it means virtually no national (member state) laws, it does not mean an overkill in legislation (which whether national or EU is a result of an interventionist culture).

Libertarianism treats people as supermen without need for laws, tax or state. Communism treats people are minors, with a state to protect them in everything. Neither is appropriate. The optiomal is somewhere in between, in the middle. That is what the UK should be pushing the EU for.

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