Monday, February 28, 2011

Single what? For whom?

1) Speaking today is Paris, the French EU Commissioner who is in charge of 2 key portfolios, Internal Market and Financial Services, M. Michel Barnier said inter alia that he does not want protectionism but economic realism.

EU economic realism should IMO mean a request and achievement of reciprocity in 4 freedoms by others in the world arena, from USA and China, to India, Russia and anyone who wants to have relations with the EU, economic or other.

Should the EU threaten to leave the WTO & rely on bilateral reciprocity? IMO, that is not an out of question scenario/option, in these zany times. systemics and dynamics.

Let me add that M. Barnier also said that the Americans are always surprised that the EU does not demand commercial reciprocity.

On the other hand , on the always hot issue of migrants and human rights, it is my opinion that migration should be free among WTO members! Future historians will refer to our era as "New Middle Ages", because most of the sum of policies in EU, US and world re asylum seekers & economic migrants constitute "apartheid"!

As per financial regulation and reform in the EU, M. Barnier said in his same speech that it is on a good path (une bonne voie)? I am curious whether the Commissioner has watched the "Inside Job" Oscar winner documentary of Fin/Wall St!

The size of the EU's population (500,000,000) and single market should indeed be exploited IMO:
a) For the EU to implement not simply reform but an overhaul based on a total rethink of the financial industry.
b) Promote free migration (in all directions) within the WTO membership.

(an interesting point made by M. Barnier: Monnet et Schuman ont eu une idée incroyable: cimenter l'envie d'être ensemble par l'intérêt d'être ensemble)

2) The EU 27 (& its single market) have 21+ languages. What is max no of languages a person can speak? What % access these can offer him/her to the "EU single market"?
How many English speaking jobs are available in EU minus UK & IRL?
How many French speak one outside FR, Wal, Lux? German?

Maybe being a EUropean is impossible after all, b/c no human can speak 21+ languages! Knowledge of other European languages (and which & how many) is the wider strategic EU question!

Does speaking EN, FR & GER but not the national languages get an EUropean a job in 20.5 of the 27 EU member states?
Does speaking EN, FR, GER, SP & IT (5!) but not the national language(s) get an EUropean a job in 18.5 of the 27 EU member states?

Thus can the EU ever achieve a Single Market as far as jobs are concerned? Due to many reasons, with 21+ languages being No1, by far!

3) IMO the problems in IRL & GRE are partly evidence of the failure of an alleged #EU single market, for many reasons & factors

4) By awarding an Oscar to the documentary Inside Job re Wall St. the members of the Academy IMO made a clear statement!

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