Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where are the leaders EUrope needs?

Few national politicians in Europe are known EU-wide.


But how many politicians even Senators who represent US states or governors are known to the general US public? Not as many one would expect (one has to factor in the fact that most Americans do not read US-wide newspapers or watch "national" news - to what extent new media are changing that?).

Eg how many of the roughly 10+10 initial candidates (in the parties' primaries) for US Pres. every 4 yrs are "known" to the average US voter?


Thus the "real" issue is how can a "new wave" of politicians who are known EU-wide (not just 1-2 member states or the "Brussels bubble") emerge!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What EUrope needs, now!

EUrope needs leaders who will convince its people of the urgency for a EUrope that is truly united internally and in the world. A EUrope that celebrates diversity. A EUrope with single laws which nevertheless allow for this diversity. A new type of legislation.

EUrope needs to start producing EUropean laws that replace national ones yet allow for diversity while providing a single Law territory for citizens & companies.

This type of EUrope cannot cling to glorious national histories of often imperial or colonialist nature.

EU law making philosophy and process need radical overhaul that suit the demands of our epoch (& which fully replace national & local ones). The world needs a new modern type of Science of Legislation and Regulation and EUrope needs it even more! While early human societies suffered from under-regulation, modern Society suffers from over-regulation and legislation that suffocates persons and legal entities.

A EUrope that works for its citizens, micros and SMEs needs single laws, a single budget, a single revenue taxation system, a single army, etc, ie EUrope needs regulatory, policy and legal systemics that allow persons and SMEs to be active EU-wide with single bureaucracy - red tape.

To that effect, the USA is not a good model for EUrope to follow because the US today too suffocates by local, state & federal over-legislation & bureaucracy.