Sunday, September 26, 2010

Release real growth and real jobs from the chains of over-regulation and red tape!

It seems that the key skills for success in business etc today are not biz studies or motivation/inspiration but legal ones.


Due to over-legislation & red tape!

Stop "killing" personal & business creativity via over-regulation, over-legislation & the resulting red tape monster (national and cross border). This IMO applies to most areas of economic activity (excludes the Finance sector though). In other words, regulate Finance more, radically deregulate real business, for "healthy"/viable real growth and jobs!

Because the "governing dynamic" is: Whatever you decide to do, red tape wlll eventually catch up with you!

How many jobs in EUrope are created and maintained by red tape? How much growth and real jobs do they prevent from happening?

A large part of legal frameworks for business in European & other countries were created in the industrial era, based on an implicit belief that business (big industry with its high start-up and fixed costs) was a big bad wolf! In the Services era this is even more irrelevant & job desructive than ever!

Entry to markets, economic activities & professions, either national or cross-border suffocate real growth and real jobs or the real economy.

The roots:

In older days, markets, industries & professions were protected via over-regulation, red tape & other barrriers. The system kind of worked, then, providing "stability" (and sclerosis) for companies, professionals & workers. But with freedom of trade etc, the system has IMO collapsed and mobility (across sectors, professions and borders) for companies, professionals and workers is still fenced, hence systemic instability and lack of real growth and jobs at various national (eg USA), regional (eg Europe) and global levels.

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