Monday, March 29, 2010

Wanted: Team leadership for further EU integration

If Germany under Merkel (and because of her interpretation that the German Constitutional Court's decision limits EU integration? see Spiegel Online article "How European is Angela Merkel?.." is not going to be the political steam engine of EU unity and further integration anymore, then maybe it is time for a group of mid + small size member states to assume the role.

That would actually make more sense, in other words, is it fair to expect Germany, France or Germany + France to play this role in perpetuity? Isn't it time that the EU's medium and small (in population) size members (or a significant number of them) start acting together as a team in a leadership role for European integration?

In the EC/EU's baby and childhood steps, Germany and France were the rams of unity and integration. Now, 50+ years old, the EC (now EU) should be able to rely on team effort for leadership in unity and further integration, ne c'est pas?

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