Friday, September 16, 2016

Brexit means exit? Update

T. May's experience is the G20 must have been trying.
She then cam back to Brttain to insist that an exit from the EU Single Market is not the objective of the future negotiations.

Contacts have been made but it has been pointed out that trade negotiations with eg Australia will take years and EU-Australia negotiations have priority.

For some reason Mrs May publicly insists that a deal for access to the EU Single Market (capital, goods, services) can be reached without free movement in it. That is against all evidence so far.

The UK needs this access because:

a) Many of its exports are ecological premium products that are adverse to customs and other red tape.

b) Export of services is not part of WTO trade deals

c) The City needs freedom of capital with tthe EU.

Why is then Britain leaving the EU, one might ask.

It shall be long and it shall be hard

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