Wednesday, 15 August 2012

All in (centrist) moderation?

Some say that the political center has no ideology. Well, for one, "all in moderation" is a key centrist philosophy, made in Ancient Greece.

Moderation, or if you prefer, a balance, between individualism (as opposed to the libertarians) and collectivism (as opposed to socialists and of course, communism).

Moderation between austerity and Keynesianism.

Moderation - balance in regulation and legislation. No zero state (libertarians) but not over-legislation, over-regulation and red-tape labyrinth (statists).

No worship or dogmatic attachment to either a) the public or b) the private sector. To each their own, depending on the structure of the industry/sector/economic activity.

Understanding that neither the markets nor the state are "wise".

How many political parties in Europe would be define as centrist based on the above? Which?

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