Saturday, August 25, 2012

7 points in defense of Greece

1) Greece does not use nuclear for energy thus does not risk the safety of others, as many other EU/Eurozone states (and others) do.

2) Greece does not use ultra low corporate taxation, thus does not take taxable income away from other EU/Eurozone and other countries/states.

3) Due to geo position (and lack of a US of E), Greece has to spend for defense per capita more than anyone in the EU. EU/Eurozone "paymasters" Germany, France, NL are among the main sellers of arms.

4) Greece has been too loyal a believer in the EU Single Market concept (but alas only on the imports side)

5) Greece joined the EEC and then the EMU/Euro primarily not for economic but other (especially security) reasons (many others did too).

6) Greece's geo location (no land borders with the rest of the EU until 2007 and none with the rest of the Eurozone even today) affects the competitiveness of its exports (existing and potential).  

7) Greece's geo morphology (islands etc) breaks its internal market into many local ones thus hindering economies of scale and competition.

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