Sunday, March 18, 2012

My social media statistics

7 Days into March, the 2000 mark in the number of my followers was passed. As we speak it stands at 2027 but it fluctuates, much as an index. The @npanayotopoulos Twitter account has passed way beyond 1000 days with 38,906 tweets to show for.

As any follower of my tweets knows, my tweets are usually my thoughts or comments on EU and other policy and affairs. I also do tweet links to my new npthinking blog posts as well as RT interesting posts of others. I am not a believer in links. I use them but I believe that the essence of Tweeting is personal views on, in my case, policy and public affairs matters, in 140 characters. That's in my opinion the beauty of Twitter.

As a vlogger, I do tend to ramble. As a blogger, the Twitter experience (in tweeting) has also helped me cut down on the essays in "proper" blogging (as in this npthinking blog) and write blog posts that are brief and to the point. My most read post is a mere 2 lines!

Based on data (in %) I have just calculated that (roughly) of my 2020 followers 440 are in USA, 254 in UK, 220 in Greece, 151 in Belgium, 90 in Ireland, 57 in Germany, in 44 France, in 43 Spain, 40 in Canada.

According to the statistics provided for free to this blogspot account, in the past month, France, Belgium and USA dominate npthinking pageviews while Germany and Ireland also show significant pageviews.

Hence, whereas the US is in the top in both following of my tweets and in reading my posts, and Belgium also has a strong showing in both, UK and Greece follow my tweets whereas France and to a lesser extent Germany, my posts.

Or so it seems.

PS. There seems to be a 25% of my Twitter followers (500) whose country of viewing seems to be not accounted for.


Are you an avid reader of my tweets and/or my blog posts. Feel free to comment on aspects of my tweeting and blogging you like or not like!
Thanks, merci, gracias, grazie, bedankt, danke, tak, takk, ....

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