Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mass vs Niche; Local vs National vs Regional vs Global

For some people (and companies) open spaces, are a challenge. For some a threat. They prefer straits and; local squares or alleys etc.

Some though "suffocate" in small, closed, markets. They need the open space, the seas of Europe or the ocean of the world to breathe!

Which brings me to a new chapter in this morning's rambling: Can small vessels compete in the ocean of globalisation or open sea of Europe?

Well, targeting a segment or even a "niche" of the global or European market is advisable.

The challenge of being global: 29 433th out of 21 558 090 in global ranking of followfriday (and 16 849th English speaking ranking).

Compared to being ranked 50th eg in Belgium or 300th in the UK or 1000th in the US, being, as a company or professional or anything, .

29433rd out of 21558090 (ie global) is in many ways harder psychologically. Even if that means "doing better" than 99.96% of the rest!

That explains IMO why the average firm has trouble being global or even European instead of competing nationally or locally.

It is easier to feel and to tell to your investors, employees, market etc that you are No1 or even 30th in country X than 29433 globally

That is partly why globalisation and European integration have relatively few fans.

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