Saturday, March 17, 2012

From 1952, to 1992 to 2012: Europe 4212?

The 264-319 rejection of a 1950 proposal for a European Defense Community by the French National Assembly on 30 August 1954 brought down with it a 1952 proposal for a European Political Community.

A second opportunity for political union was missed when the EEC 12 failed to gather enough impetus for it during the deliberations for the EU Maastricht Treaty in December 1991 and February 1992 thus establishing only an an Economic & Monetary Union that turned out to be only a monetary one.

In 2012 can Europeans dodge the issue of a European political union again?

Will they follow the steps of the Ancient Greek city states that failed to established a federal union, thus de facto delaying the establishment of a Greek state by some 2200+ years (1830)?

Will Europe have to wait until 4212? And by analogy to the Greeks, what will Europeans have to go through in the next 2200 years? Have they not learned from the Greek city states or the checkered history of the continent of at least the last 1000 years? Or even the last 100?

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