Sunday, February 12, 2012

To export products and services to a "foreign" market you have to ....

To export products and services to a "foreign" market you have to understand, research, be interested in that market or produce a product or service that your native/local market likes and be lucky that other markets "like" it too! Or be R&D driven & hope.

A company that does not "care" what people think about its products or services be unsuccessful in either foreign or "native" market(s

It can get "lucky" if its in a by nature or geography "captive" or oligopolistic market. Or someone grants it monopoly rights to a market.

Work for companies that produce products or services you like. Produce products and services for "people"/markets you like. Biz is not chore

Proximity to a foreign market is a competitiveness factor. Either geographical or "mental" proximity or both.

Is business (including exporting) about beating your competitors or about capturing the hearts and minds of potential consumers?

The mantra of top business schools has been the latter, for years now!

Yet how many CEOs and biz owners feel that way?

In effect, products and services must create "mental monopolies" in consumer minds!! Be considered :"the only one". Much like dating!!!!

Next Tuesday is Valentine's Day. But every day's Valentine's Day IRL! How many people think your product(s)/service(s) are "unique" to them?

How many people or companies think your products/services are unique in satisfying a certain need or want they have?

Or are you relying on old style mass media ad blitz to convince people that your product or service is something they "really" need or want?

Producing and delivering a product or a service is a creative, artistic, non chore like process! Or should be.

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