Saturday, July 23, 2011

Emerging EUropean dynamics

After last Thursday's European Council meeting, I have been asked by friends on Twitter and in real life, what my views or conclusions are. My reply is that I am waiting for the dust to settle first, before I draw any conclusions.

But in any case, I am brushing up my French and planning to study more German. Propose the same. These two languages emerge as lingua francas in Eurozone & probably political union.

Now what I can see, in general, is (these are my points in a discussion with a fellow tweeter):

Plus I can see continental European cities, especially central EUropean ones emerging as clusters replacing may of the clusters currently based in London. Over time of course.

The UK and London have been self-marginalising for decades now, esp after 2008 and 2010. And with Labour now trying to make up its mind whther it is pro or anti-immigration, the situation is getting bleaker. Which is a great pity for any original Anglophile and Philo-European. Alas, UK is starting to remind of UK in "Children of Men" film. I can see a "fortress UK" emerging.

These are not predictions, only dynamics that I see.

I also see potentially a new role for NL (The Netherlands)( provided that it shakes off the xenophobic dynamics of recent years. Was a very open and melting pot country until early 00s and can become again. Could evolve into (almost) an English speaking country – hub in continental Europe. With great strategic benefits.

Also see opportunities for Austria, Hungary & Czech R. if they accept EU-melting pot clusters role. Until they do, they are missing good opportunities.

One should see the Eurozone or the Europlus as a corporate conglomerate and devise a competitiveness strategy for each member but also as a whole. It is possible to devise such a comprehensive strategy that is not one size fits all. Corporate conglomerates do.

Will also be interesting to see more French & German multinationals evolving into Euro-multinationals.

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