Thursday, July 14, 2011

2.5% intra-EU migration, only 4% non-EU immigrants in the EU!

According to the Eurostat, "Foreign citizens made up 6.5% of the EU27
population in 2010 Foreign-born people accounted for 9.4% of the EU27 population"

But I do no see why the Eurostat's press release headline merged the number of intra-EU and non-EU "immigrants.

Out of the total 6,5% of the 500 million EU27 population, the 6.5% includes two parts:

a) 2.5% of inta-EU27 "immigrants"

b) 4.0% immigrants from the rest of the world (ie non-EU)

The 4% figure is lower than some would imagine and puts a dent in the complaints re "foreigners" in the EU!

It would be interesting to know how the 2.5% internal migration of the EU27 population (citizens) in 2010 compare with the intra-USA one!

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