Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time of EUropean political and opinion leaders to speak out! Some are!

Some have started to do so.

Eg. Michel Barnier (Berlin, May 9)

Another voice, yesterday, 13 May, in an interview with EurActiv, of Josep Borrell:

"EU leaders played poker with euro and lost, says Borrell"

A truly must read interview, kudos to Mr. Borrell and EurActiv!

One brief excerpt (merely one of the key statements made by Mr. Borrell):

"Borrell is clear: EU leaders have blatantly failed to make the case for a stronger Europe & continue to cultivate the myths of independence"

My comments:

I have written many tweets and posts (eg "The EU's No. 1 problem is ..", "Time to talk about the sovereignty of Europe from China, USA, Russia, et al", "Some thoughts re Independence and Sovereigny in 2010+ (on the occasion of July 4)", "More thoughts on "national sovereignty"", there are a total of 18 posts in this blog with the keyword "sovereignty") with a similar tone and emphasis. But I am merely a policy analyst. Political and opinion "leaders" must do the speaking out, all over EUrope and beyond.

Sovereignty and independence - near self-reliance in energy, investment, staple foods and other basic elements that define sovereignty and independence in 2011 terms, given the systemics and dynamics of our era, can only be achieved at continent level in Europe.

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