Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Democracy vs Financial Agorocracy and the value of understanding Finance!

Today I read an article which is probably the best analysis of EU, especially Eurozone systemics & dynamics I have read in years:

"Eurozone design and management failures", by Guillermo de la Dehesam chairman of the CEPR in Vox, May 18, 2011

It prompts me to ask the question: Is one to conclude that leaders and policy makers lack an understanding of Finance?

The thorough analysis - review of major EU/Eurozone decisions in recent times by Guillermo de la Dehesa makes one wonder to what extent European leaders (Merkel et al) and their policy advisers understand Finance! An alternative explanation could be that they have a primal fear or inability to communicate/explain to their electorates what needs to be done, hence do or not do what needed/needs to be done as, as the chairman of CEPR so eloquently explains in this article in the Vox.

So in the struggle for power over our lives and socio-economic and other systemics that has been on for some years now (see eg my vlog "Agorocracy and Democracy), who is going to provide the agents of Democracy with at least adequate understanding of the systemics and workings of global finance, in order for Finance to move/be regulated back to its original role (ie as a support to real economy instead of the real economy supporting finance and financial agorocracy vying for power over Democracy?

Finally, are the current systemics of the global financial markets understood even by most financiers? Have the financial markets become a runaway train?

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