Sunday, May 1, 2011

Capital vs Humans, the EU way?

According to the Guardian today, "EU executive considers reimposing border controls" (please read the article then my comments).

This prompts me to think:

Capital vs Humans (1): Why does EU have a common trade policy (ie for foreign capital, goods, services etc) but not common #immigration policy (ie for labour and humans in general)?
Does the EU (and its 27 members, more importantly) put capital & goods above labour/humans?

Capital vs Humans (2): If members can temporarily suspend Schengen, then why not also temporarily suspend the EU Single Market for goods, especially when they are foreign made?

Sad days for "EUropean values", IMO.

There are also important consequences for the EU's political parties (eg EPP, PES, ELDR) but I address those in a separate post.

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