Monday, September 13, 2010

thinking has to become more global, for jobs to remain local!

I wrote this post in my old blog 35 months ago (October 27, 2007). Read it and see to what extent it remains current. IMO, it's even more current and relevant today than in October 2007!

Who is thinking global?

America is not thinking global. That is the problem. What I mean is that the American people, in spite of the US's globalization power since after WWII, have not followed the global "thinking" of the US. Thus the US remained at heart, a "local" mentality based society and economy and these days, it shows.

It used to be Europeans and citizens of South American, Central American, African and Asian countries who complained about globalization!

Now it is the North Americans who are!! Sign of a new phase in globalization?
Food for thought for all!

I always thought that the anti-globalization movement would start where globalization started: USA and UK. Globalization and Anti-globalization: Both "Made in USA" (or "Made in Britain")!

How is that for "monopoly" (or at best duopoly in the world of marketable ideas!) But can a country make a living on selling ideas only (or mainly)? Or dreams (well, one did, for a long time and still does: The American Dream)! Remains to be seen!

Times are hard for you North Americans. I sympathise, but thinking has to become more global, for jobs to remain local!


  1. Thus more (all?) countries/economies must have companies that think global for jobs to remain local (those that are left)!


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