Sunday, March 14, 2010

"No more globalization please, we are human"

Short Story, semi-fiction:

"Because the world has changed" he said.

That is why his country (which one is not the point) has changed radically in recent months. When asked about events and actions of the past and how they correlate with the new attitude, he replied that these either took place because of the way things were then, in the world, in the US, in the UK, in Europe, not just his country or that events were not as they were reported to be.

He felt sea sick. Maybe he was feeling like that a bit already because of the weather, this climate change "thing". Maybe because some things happened today that did not settle well in his stomach (aka subconscious/instinct), maybe something he actually ate today and actually did not settle well with his stomach. Maybe.

"Go get your blood pressure checked" advised someone. She runs from doctor to doctor, many years now, every time she feels something is wrong. She has actually made it to 78, so far! She is hyper, but she has adjusted her lifestyle and living parameters to fit her quirks! And by the mere fact that she has made it this far in spite of chronic health issues since many decades ago, and a phobia for germs, among other things, which she freely admits, she is a winner in the game of life.

Game of life? Since when is life a "game"? To some it is an "arena", or a "Colosseum", to some "war", everyday in the trenches. like WWI, to some "a mission", to some "a committed relationship with .. themselves", etc, etc. Life philosophies, or philosophies on living or mindsets.

Some people are becoming "born again virgins", some are finding comfort in a drink or two every night, some in work, etc, etc!

"Because the world has changed"! Winning formula, realism or flagrant opportunism?

The world always turned, it was always volatile, it was always risky, but it seems that human nature drives us to want some stability. Some benchmark, some place to call home, some value to hold on to, or a life to hold on to!

"Get a life"! Well, many people today self label themselves as "spiritual". Others are re-discovering religion. Not many self label themselves as "philosophical" or "rationalists".

The world was always volatile, but the perception varied. Today, in the global 24/24 news era, one can run but cannot hide from globalisation's "effect", something like "sea sickness". A butterfly in ... China affects things in ... Smallville, USA, for example!

"May you live in interesting times" was not a wish, but a curse, an Ancient Chinese curse.

No more volatility please, we are human! How much hot to cold and cold to hot showers can we really take?

"The world has changed". Yes but, still, it way too radical for the world to .. stomach, in such a short time. Needs time to settle. Like "Breaking News"!

In NYC the idea of "Safe" (aka "Panic") rooms is not new (see eg the "The Panic Room" movie with Jodie Foster). Some people, mostly kids, invent imaginary friends. Maybe some construct imaginary "safe rooms". When in bonkers times ....

'Driver, you are driving this bus too fast, either you slow down or make a stop and we get out" said the mother. She had a child to protect, and she did not like the way the bus was being driven in combination with the weather!

"No more globalisation, please, we are human"?
Or a more balanced one (not just trade and news and stock markets)?

March 2008

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