Thursday, December 3, 2009

US: Jobs Forum Thursday! From "The Economy ..." to ...

Today, Thursday December 3, was like a #JobsThursday in Twitterese! President Obama, who has recently fallen below 50% in approval polls, organized a Forum at the White House and had it transmitted (streamed) live on the Internet.

The Forum included 6 parallel discussions/sub-forums:

on "Green" jobs (innovation agenda and green jobs)

on Exports (expanding job opportunities for American workers through exports)

on Small Business (paving the road for small business job growth)

on Infrastructure: http (creating jobs through rebuilding America's infrastructure)

on Business Investment (encouraging business competitiveness and job creation) and

on "Main Street" workers (preparing workers and strengthening Main Street)

My opinion on job creation, be it in the US, or EUrope or anywhere in the world:

Curbing red tape and over-regulation to allow SMEs (small and mid size enterprises) and micro firms (0-9 employees) to grow and create +1 job each would solve the problem!

Hence, IMO, the motto is not the Clintonian "The Economy ..." anymore. Rather, it is "The micro firms and SMEs ...."!

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