Tuesday, December 22, 2009

UK house prices to end the year approx. +7% compared to January 2009

In 2008, UK house prices fell 15%. According to the Nationwide Index they reached their low point in February 2009. Yet, due to positive developments, prices have been rising since then, and according to a Daily Mail (Mail Online) article, they are expected to end 2009 around 7% higher than January 2009.

As per 2010 and beyond, the article contains some pessimistic as well as other, less pessimistic, analyses and predictions by market analysts and experts. But, IMO, predictions are ... predictions, so I am not mentioning them or commenting on them.

"On other news" Prince William slept a night in -4C temps near Blackfriars Bridge in the City in homeless person's gear in order to gain even a little, after only 1 night, understanding of the POV of a homeless person as well as raise awareness. He did so after an idea of the chief executive of Centerpoint, a charity that helps the young homeless. The Prince did not sleep in the open alone, of course, for security purposes, he was accompanied by the chief exec of the charity, which celebrates its 40th year, as well as 2 men responsible for is security. IMO this was a worthy project.

On a more philosophical note regarding home ownership, home, mobility, homelessness, etc, read my post from 14 December 2009 "Home ownership - The core of our stability?"

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