Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Make Love not CO2?

Philosophical (applied):

Make Love not CO2: I wonder what is the carbon footprint of each (safe) act of intercourse!

My actual point
is that IMO too many people engage in personally and collectively "eco-damaging" activities, many times substitutes of the joy of sex (and the joy of thinking - conversation).

My point re sex is part of a philosophy against materialism and material capitalism and for intellectual and physical satisfaction/joys as opposed to the joys derived by status symbols and other materialist activities and ways of life. Against materialist capitalism and for "intellectual" capitalism (as in production and consumption of intellectual/non-tangible products as opposed to material ones, including many "eco-hostile" culinary pleasures).

And a radical rethink of the pros and cons of the 200 years of the industrial era.

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