Monday, December 14, 2009

Health vs. Strength - Good vs. Evil

How on earth did a nice young man like Anakin Walker turn into Darth Vader? Sad!

The wise Yoda character said: "The fear of loss is a path to the dark side". He also added that Anakin should overcome the fear of losing what was dear to him!

So, to quote Janice Joplin's classic song is "freedom just another word for nothing else to lose"? Or is the key to have and to love but to be prepared at all times to lose what/who we love or is dear to us? Quite a demand on someone's emotions. With that kind of mentality, how can one commit one's self to anything?

All times are interesting. But some are more interesting than others. Who are most prone to stability and a sense of safety for a) themselves or b) their loved ones? How many bad deeds are committed in the name of protecting or serving one's own interests but rather the safety and interests of his/her loved ones? Many, way too many, it seems!

"I can feel your anger: It gives you focus, it makes you stronger" said the bad guy (to Anakin, aspiring Darth).

Wow! What a load of BS! Anger makes one "feel" stronger? By giving him/her an "unhealthy" type of focus.

On the other hand, focus does indeed help people streamline their energy and through that, they become "stronger" on what they focus on. Mothers do it, for example. People "committed" to an ideal, a theory, an emotion, a goal, do gain the focus which channels/streamlines their energy into so kind of strength. But this strength is not a general one! It applies to the field of focus!

Negative energy of all kinds does not lead to healthy outcomes. Not only for the subjects of the actions of "strong" ones, but for the strong ones themselves. Negative energy (anger, hatred, etc) it is like a "cancer" which infects its carrier, first of all. Then it also spreads like a "virus".

Anger makes someone stronger but not happier nor healthier. It is a "drug" with multiple negative side effects.

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