Monday, July 25, 2011

Dynamics: Oxymoron? The competitive advantage of being "lazy"

To get more crucial tasks done and better, slow down!
An oxymoron?

Reality is all in the mind
Another oxymoron?

So people are making virtual money in the real world and real money in the virtual world - hm, wow, makes one think!!!
Another oxymoron?

IMO the meaning of life isn't to realise a "potential" but to be happy; trying to realise one's potential leads to stress, not happiness more often than not!

The "laziness" philosophy I present below does not cover only work but many other aspects of life as well:

work, skills ,ability, success, "I deserve", "earn": These are some of many concepts that IMO need redefinition nowadays!

For example, ability is a term and concept that needs re-defining in our epoch and its zany job markets!

The competitive advantage of being lazy:

a) manual work - effort does not constitute work in our era
c) the pace of work and life in this era is not fit for humans, thus
c) never send a human to do work suitable for a machine, robot or animal
d) productivity as defined in the industrial age is irrelevant in our era

Ponder on this:
"I do not #want what I cannot have", she said
"Can she be that disciplined", I thought

And this:

Not having goals is a goal too!

Success: Improve yourself or lower your expectations? Hm, food for thought!

Lastly (for now):
IMO, we need to make change a daily habit - not easy, but crucial these uber volatile days we live in!

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