Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dynamics: Coping with Globalisation

For many people globalization feels like being in a small boat in the middle of an ocean. There is a feeling of being overwhelmed by the "chaotic" dynamics of it all.

How many persons and organisations (eg governments or companies) can grasp and take into account of all the dynamics and elements which are at play on Earth today and which affect, directly or (mostly) indirectly their decisions and "interests"/well being? In such highly volatile situations what does a "rational" decision maker do (in terms of decisions in business, policy, work, family, home, relationships, personal life)?

In the face of uncertainty, some view it as a threat, others view it as an opportunity. It depends on their so called personal appetite for risk (risk converse and risk adverse appetites). I would venture to say that today the "ocean" of globalization is mostly seen as a threat by a very large majority of the people on this Earth. Why? Because most do not think that they have the "ships"/"vessels" to "sail" with reasonable expectation of "success" or even "survival" in this ocean, like Christopher Colombus did.

A venturing sect of the Vikings chose to cross the Atlantic more than 1000 years ago and reached the NE edge of the American continent. But met a lot of resistance from the inhabitants and most had to return to Europe some years later.

Millions of Europeans were "desperate" enough (more to win and less to lose, ie had to "embrace" the uncertainty as a "forced" opportunity) to cross the Atlantic in recent centuries and go through the Ellis Island experience and create a new home in the then "New World". They either left families behind or took them with them.

Millions of people from around the world today choose to immigrate for a better tomorrow. They leave some of their family behind and either send money or go to visit from time to time when and if they can.

Written: 2006

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