Saturday, July 18, 2009

RIP Walter Cronkite - are news in 2009 "explainable"?

Walter Cronkite not only reported but also explained the news.

But are news in 2009 "explainable"?
By whom? Why not?

No, because, IMO, the systemics of the era are more complicated than ever before. Much like the world population size in 2009 is vastly different (larger) than the one in 1960. Bigger and more complex than ever before.

Analysis by humans fails to capture all the elements of the world systemics or, if your prefer, "the governing dynamics" (see "A Beautiful Mind").

Of course many do offer rather "neat" scenarios or theories why things are happening, many times they involve a conspiracy by someones, or a stellar event (see 2012) or "an enemy".

Plus: What is (real) news in 2009? Try to correlate the break up of a famous celeb couple in Hollywood with the GDP of South Korea with TV ratings in Italy with the price of rice in India with the USD reserves of China with Cali's state deficit with the average temperature in Smithtown Ohio with ..... Not really doable (faisable in French).

When data so exceeds the capacity of any human, or even computer model, to absorb, process, analyse and make sense of, then IMO that's when Philosophy, the type Socrates and Plato produced in Ancient Athens 2500 years ago, kicks in!

Philosophy and humor! The ultimate "refuge" of the globalized (willingly or unwillingly) citizen of 2009, in NYC, Palatine, LA, Denver, Newport, Smallville USA and France, Menton, Santiago, Sofia, Bangkok, Kyoto, etc etc etc.

Stay tuned to this blog for further updates (lol) on these "breaking news"!

Too much news = no news?

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