Thursday, July 9, 2009

The human right to immigration

"no free immigration, no free trade"?

In other words, should freedom of immigration go hand in hand with free trade?

IMO, yes. All 4 freedoms are needed for "balance" (capital, goods, services, humans)

In other words, members of a Free Trade Area or Zone or Agreement (be it an FTA or a Union or the WTO (or a new, Mach II (deeper) WTO within the WTO) should allow for freedom of immigration. "No free immigration, (then) No Free Trade".

The freedom of a human, an "Eathling" to live and work where-ever on this planet he/she wants (provided he/she does so legally, ie pay his/her taxes, abide to the laws of the state, etc) is IMO fundamental and over-looked by many otherwise humanists or pro-liberty or freedoms proponents. This right should be automatic and limited only in certain cases instead of the exact opposite which is the case nowadays!

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