Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fiscal integration w/o political union?

Fiscal integration? That IMO requires a federal EU or Eurozone income tax thus political union!

Good luck with that Mr.Rajoy et al

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is there an NRW effect in the SPD?

My understanding is the NRW election was mainly a referendum on the non-austerity policy of NRW gov headed by Kraft.

And Kraft (NRW SPD) plus the Greens won big, getting some 50% of the vote vs some 35% for CDU and FDP.

But did the NRW and other state results active the anti-austerity - anti-Fiscal Compact sensitivities in federal SPD and Greens? Das is the question, for Germany, the Eurozone and the EU. And the world economy.

If you want to be a game changer ...

Game changing is a buzz-concept these days.

But IMO:

If you want to be a game changer, first you need to understand the game

The Euro was meant to ....

The Euro was meant to facilitate the Single Market for goods, services, work,

Instead it's been destroying it since almost the start.

EU: Economic or Social engine?

Economic & Monetary Union as a prelude to political union seems to have failed. Time to try Social Union as a prelude?

The No 1 structural reform needed is ...

The No 1 structural reform needed in the Eurozone and the EU in general is a real EU single market.

On deadlines

Some know how to set deadlines. Others know how to meet them (the deadlines)

Irish Referendum: The Days After

4 of the 17 Euro member states have by now ratified the Fiscal Compact: Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Ireland. 12 of 17 needed for entry into force.

Plus of the 25 EU that signed the Fiscal Compact, The 4 Euro plus  Romania, Latvia, Denmark and Poland have ratified.

So, now Fiscal Compact needs ratification by 8 of the rest 13 Euro members to enter into force.

6 Nos among the 13 can block it.

Or Germany's SPD or France.

Over-thinking is ...

Over-thinking is rarely a problem in business decisions and policy making in 2012. Faulty thinking is.

The cost of denial

How many of the EU 27 and Euro 17 are former super and/or colonial powers still in denial of their lost status?

What is the effect on the EU and the Euro?