Monday, 22 May 2017

Like Linux

Learn English, It's the language of the planet. La lingua franca.

But develop your own English, no need to speak UK or US English. 

It's like Linux.

How do you expect to find a job in the UK with a name like ...

The toothless man who "bites". When I was 6 I used to bite older girls Now I take a bite out of those who don't care. Words hurt but so does not having a job. I now do, but millions in Europe do not. 

"How do you expect to find a job in the UK with a name like Panayotopoulos" a journo told me last year.

It hurt, a lot. If the UK wants the EU Single Market it must give freedom of movement, or no deal. PS. I spent a month in Deal, Kent, in 1974. Bought my Spurs shirt at Lillywhites in 1973. My Subbuteo at Hamleys.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A letter to Donald cc to some of his mates around the world (Farage, Le Pen etc)

Hi dude,

U. Penn man, right?

I am not Greek, I was born there. 

Just because you were born in America that does not make you American either. 

Or British. Or German. Or French. Or European.

Some Africans and Asians I know for example are much more European than others.

So spare me the "made in" or "born in" racisms.
Yeap, that's what it is.
MIT Speech & Debate Society President, 1984-1985.

Of course I am Greek, not by birth but by training.
Be Greek too. Come to my Greece, in the EU at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, to invest and produce, I can show you the way.

Building a new and better America, in Greece. Everyone welcome. Cos we are open to the world, unlike Theresa May or Donald.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Letter from Athens to my English friends.

Dear England,

I know you since 1973 and still love you.
But my price tag has gone up since Brexit and especially since May and team took over. Plus now you have to get me a visa, I insist. And a 3 year contract, guaranteed.
It's the cost of bad decision making. Sorry, but that's capitalism. 
They are supposed to teach it at Cambridge, Oxford and the LSE.
I am an MIT and INSEAD man.

Come to Athens and we can talk about your strategy and implementation from now on.


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