Monday, 22 May 2017

Like Linux

Learn English, It's the language of the planet. La lingua franca.

But develop your own English, no need to speak UK or US English. 

It's like Linux.

How do you expect to find a job in the UK with a name like ...

The toothless man who "bites". When I was 6 I used to bite older girls Now I take a bite out of those who don't care. Words hurt but so does not having a job. I now do, but millions in Europe do not. 

"How do you expect to find a job in the UK with a name like Panayotopoulos" a journo told me last year.

It hurt, a lot. If the UK wants the EU Single Market it must give freedom of movement, or no deal. PS. I spent a month in Deal, Kent, in 1974. Bought my Spurs shirt at Lillywhites in 1973. My Subbuteo at Hamleys.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A letter to Donald cc to some of his mates around the world (Farage, Le Pen etc)

Hi dude,

U. Penn man, right?

I am not Greek, I was born there. 

Just because you were born in America that does not make you American either. 

Or British. Or German. Or French. Or European.

Some Africans and Asians I know for example are much more European than others.

So spare me the "made in" or "born in" racisms.
Yeap, that's what it is.
MIT Speech & Debate Society President, 1984-1985.

Of course I am Greek, not by birth but by training.
Be Greek too. Come to my Greece, in the EU at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, to invest and produce, I can show you the way.

Building a new and better America, in Greece. Everyone welcome. Cos we are open to the world, unlike Theresa May or Donald.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Letter from Athens to my English friends.

Dear England,

I know you since 1973 and still love you.
But my price tag has gone up since Brexit and especially since May and team took over. Plus now you have to get me a visa, I insist. And a 3 year contract, guaranteed.
It's the cost of bad decision making. Sorry, but that's capitalism. 
They are supposed to teach it at Cambridge, Oxford and the LSE.
I am an MIT and INSEAD man.

Come to Athens and we can talk about your strategy and implementation from now on.


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Saturday, 29 April 2017


Have not met many Chinese people yet in my life, a major experience deficit.

Two out of 1.38 billion. A business woman and a diplomat. 

As I was pointing out to some Greek free marketers recently, China is an example of how communism and capitalism can blend. 

Russia's example is much different. Visited the ex-USSR in 2014. In recent years I have had the pleasure of working with fellow humans from the ex Soviet Union and the rest of the Eastern bloc. Their experiences they shared with me have enriched my mind, their presence have enriched my life. Including my wife.

Looking forward to visiting China. A great prospect for a Greek like me.


Working these days for an American global corporation and dealing on its behalf with people from all over the planet, I get to experience their attitude  towards an American firm.

Not easy being American around the world in the Trump era. I feel the hostility in some people in North Europe of all places! As if you are working for Darth Vader Trump.

On the other hand I read a survey that says that some 70-80% of Swedes wish they were Americans.

An American who has spent time in Europe was telling me the other day that young Russians are the new Americans.

What is America? How is it perceived? What is it image? How does it affect US products and services. Challenging times of US corporations selling to the world.

Obama was the friendly American, image-wise, no matter the essence.


 I work too hard different hours each week these days to be able to catch up on the details of the news.

It seems that Donald Trump is establishing a 15% corporate tax rate in the US. That's not bad news. That of course will apply to corporations that are US based or for US operations of other firms.

Where will he find the cuts in spending and the alternative sources of tax revenue, that is the real issue. Who will pay the price.

We will see.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

On June 8, UK

It's now or never for the European UK.

If May wins, it's over. None of my business, not in the UK, just saying.

The Remainers have been arguing post ref that the 52% is not 52% but due to the % that voted more like 34%.

Well, for each seat in the next parliament, winner takes all. So field one Remain candidate only and make each seat a referendum.

Winner takes all. All of the UK. No excuses this time.

None of my business, just saying.

But do not expect or even  ask for EU Single Market without free movement. That is outrageous and my business and every other European's.

From Europe with Love.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Trump card

Why was Donald elected? Why did Brexit happen? Is Le Pen going to win in France? What is happening?

70 years since GATT/WTO world trade. 15 since China joined in. 16 since the Euro/ Uruguay was successful, Doha was not. Why are Trump et al (eg Theresa May) happening?

It's survival stupid! Policy makers have failed us. Economic policy, social policy, industrial policy, the lot. They are meant to produce laws and other instruments to solve problems for the citizen.

Local admins, national and other. Laws, regulations, taxes, fees, etc. A modern labyrinth. Is the system working?

Not that well. People want a job, income, health, security, a life. Are they getting it?

What is needed?

Much better policy making.

Are Trump, May and company going to solve anything?

Unlikely. Because they are just a reaction.

What does it take for better policy making?


Monday, 17 April 2017

A world that works

In the beginning we lived in caves.

We hunted, we were hunted and then also cultivated the land. There was no money, barter at best.

People want a job, because they need one to pay for the rent and buy food.

It is the job of policy makers to make sure there are jobs for everyone. If they can't then they are not fit for the job. Truth be told.

Redefining global

The signs were there to see.

The failure of the Doha round of WTO talks.

The emergence of regional and bilateral pacts.

"Think global, act local" was a corporate motto 25 years ago. Nothing new.

Brexit, Trump and now the Turkish ref.

May you live in interesting times was a Chinese curse. But a blessing for ones that can both think and act.

A view from the Bosporus

My father had visited Istanbul in 1960. I visited the city twice on stopover on my way to my wife's country in 2014. Took a bus from the airport and got off near Bosporus.

When I faced the Bosporus I felt a big chill. I marveled at a cosmopolis that joins Asia and Europe. Wow. What a feeling. The people were diverse and friendly. Drank tea on the boat crossing sitting next to a Dutch woman.

For any Greek, Constantinople carries special significance. I felt at home, strangely. Strolled around the city for a few hours, it was a bank holiday and wound up eating kebab and chatting with a Syrian waiter and Turkish clients in Besiktas before going back to the airport to catch my flight.

In the bus, my card ran out of credits. A Turkish woman used hers to pay for me and refused to get reimbursed. 

After all that, what can I say. 

Well, Greece has always been suspicious of Turkish aims and with good cause. Greece was occupied for a few centuries.

But there is not much separating Turks and Greeks after all. We are both at the crossroads of three continents. 

To be honest, Turkey's current political/institutional problems are a great opportunity for Greece to attract global corporate business away from Istanbul. Coupled with Brexit, this is a great business opportunity for Greece.

I have met young Turks who work in Athens and it was a pleasure. I hope that Turkey finds its way into the future, it deserves it. Everyone does.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

WTO trade

Germany is exporting based on WTO trade rules plus the EU's trade deals with other economies in the world.

The UK is about to find out that you have to be the US or China to do without them. Good luck with that.

Strategic vision

Last time the UK won in the Eurovision SC was in 1975. Instead of leaving it, it is leaving the European Single Market (EU). 

Brilliant move.

npthinking at your service

London 1973. Kent 1974. Penn 1981-1982. Boston 1982-1985. Chicago 1985-1986. Fontainebleau 1990, Bruxelles 1991-1995. Italia-France-Belgie-UK-NL 2012. Trier 2013. Sofia, Warsaw, Istanbul and Kutaisi 2014. 

These are the voyages of Nick. 

Round the world 24/7/365. At your service, from Athens, Greece and on location. 

Come to Greece, experience Nick's Greece.


Sunday, 9 April 2017

Greek to me

Are you Greek? Well. I was born in Greece to Greek parents. My passport is Greek and that's the only one I have so I guess I am Greek alright.

I have studied at the world's best engineering school and Europe's No1 school for management. Have lived in the US, France, Belgium, Greece and Georgia. Traveled around North America and most of Europe.

Worked for various companies and clients. The world is my oyster. Yeap of course I am Greek, brother. Welcome to my planet, how can I help you.
One of my projects in 2017+ is to redefine Greece. Greece and Greeks deserve it. 7 years in crisis, 23% unemployed. Due to policy and other systemic failures.

WTO Mach 2 - the choice of a new generation

In September 2012 I was sitting on a ledge outside a store on Oxford Street observing people from all over the world pass by. It was what I call a Babylon 5 experience (more favorite to me as a young man than Star Trek or Star wars actually).

Today in a bus in Athens I was observing an Asian mother and her lovely three kids. I felt so proud to have them in Greece and smiling.

Suddenly, her 10 year old. a little princess, looked up to me, I am 6'4", smiled and in perfect Greek she said to me "sir, you remind me of someone".

That's my Athens. So blessed to be here, so much more exciting than the Athens of my own 10th birthday.

I see kids of all races in the public transport system in 2017 Athens and I wonder what kind of world they will be adults in.

We need a world where everyone has a job and decent living conditions. We need a WTO Mach 2. A WTO of a different kind.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

A global view from the Parthenon

4 am in Athens.

Good morning Tokyo and Beijing. Good evening NY and Buenos Aires . A lovely spring day in Athens on Wednesday. What's the future of trade in the world of Trump and May. 23 years since the start of the WTO (ex-GATT). We still operate on Uruguay Round rules. The Doha Round failed.
Without free migration of people is it a fair or even competitive world? Theresa May wants Europe and the world to buy the UK goods and services, visit the UK as tourists but not move and work in the UK. Many people agree. What kind of world is this though.
We need real globalization. One made for the real people by the real people. We need a real world economy. We need real jobs and real lives. Lets work for it.
Come produce and operate at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa. Come to Athens. Join the Greece that emerges from crisis.
Greeks, Europeans, Asians, Africans, Americans and Oceanians working together. That's Greece in 2017+. Be part of a new world, a new America.
Greeks work hard and live hard. That's why so many from all over the world are moving here. You can sense the pulse of the world in the streets and workplaces of modern Athens. Be part of this Greek revolution.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Manage or lose your job

Cameron's political opportunism led to Brexit. 

Trichet's interest rate policy almost destroyed Eurozone's businesses. 

Germany's insistence on its own brand of euro-economic policy is un-European. 

France is still trying to discover its identity in modern Europe. 

The rise of May and Trump is a result of decades of policy inaptitude 

The key is jobs and management in business and in policy. At all levels.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Post Brexit EU

I hate to say it, because I first visited the UK in 1973, at 11, but Europe (the EU) will be better off without the UK.

If the UK had left at Maastricht in 1991, the EU would probably be closer to a US of Europe than it is now.

I realize that that may not be fair to the pro EU Britons but after all, of the 48% that voted for the EU, only a fraction did so on non-economic reasons. And the EU is not only about economics.

As May herself pointed out in her Scottish speech, you either believe in a union or not. And most Britons don't believe in Europe. Never did.

The UK of course should be given Single Market access without free movement. The mere suggestion that it should shows how un-European the majority of the UK is.

Sorry folks, reality bites.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

The value of a United States of Europe (based on May's Scottish speech)

The fundamental strengths of our Union, and the benefits it brings to all of its constituent parts, are clear.

 But we all know that England will never stop twisting the truth and distorting reality in their effort to denigrate our Union and further their obsession of independence.

 It is their single purpose in political life. We need to be equally determined to ensure that the truth about our Union is heard loudly and clearly.

 As Britain leaves the European Union, the strength and stability of our Union will become even more important.

We must take this opportunity to bring our Union closer together. Because the Union which we all care about is not simply a constitutional artefact. It is a union of people, affections and loyalties. It is characterised by sharing together as a country the challenges which we all face, and freely pooling the resources we have to tackle them.

The existence of our Union rests on some simple but powerful principles: solidarity, unity, family. Our Europe has evolved over time and has a proud history.

Together we form the world’s greatest family of nations. It is written in our collective achievements, both at home and in the world.

The Union enabled the social, scientific and economic developments which powered our collective achievement. Bringing people and communities closer together allowed new connections to be made.

Together, we make up the world’s No1 economy.

Ours is not a marriage of convenience, or a fair-weather friendship, but a true and enduring Union, tested in adversity and found to be true. And the great institutions which we have built together, the pillars of our European life, are the result of common endeavour.

All have been admired and imitated around the world, and all were created here as a consequence of our common life together. These achievements are the fruits of our Union.

They are the signs which signify its deep and fundamental strengths. We should never be shy of making that positive case for the Union, because logic and facts are on our side. Take the economic arguments. One of the driving forces behind the Union’s creation was the remorseless logic that greater economic strength and security come from being united. Not the transient and shifting benefits of international alliance, but the fundamental strength of being one people. Those enduring economic strengths are obvious. Our wholly integrated domestic market for businesses means no barriers to trade within our borders. That has always been of immense value to firms here in Scotland.

They think independence is the answer to every question in every circumstance, regardless of fact and reality. It simply does not add up and we should never stop saying so. And the UK is not just a market place.

The financial stability of a strong shared currency and central bank underpins all sectors our economy, across 19 nations of the Union. The broad shoulders of the world’s largest economy provide enviable security for businesses and workers alike.

Based on the argumentation of Theresa May's Scottish speech.

In memoriam of sir Winston Churchill and the kind of US of Europe he spoke about.

US of Europe or bust

The European Commission has issued a White Paper on the future of the European Union.

In a United States of Europe no state would have power because its population pays more tax, see the USA. 

That's why so many in Germany and the Netherlands won't promote it.

The only solution is a US of Europe constitution. Those who sign it, move forward. The rest to the EEA (European Economic Area, and EFTA).

The rest is euro lip service.

Brexit, Putin and Trump are a great opportunity for a United States of Europe. If the EU is unable or unwilling to move forward, then its future is indeed dark. Will have again failed to deliver.

Sad but that's the truth.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

The governing dynamics

Ten years ago I wrote in this blog what what we need is:

Either more or less "Europe" (ie EU).

Either more or less globalization.

10+ years ago BBC World found in world survey that people were not happy with this version of capitalism.

The rise of May, Trump and now LePen are evidence of a system that has not been working for a while now.  Their policies are faulty but expected reaction to the faults of the system.
As for the EU, what has the EU really achieved since 1992. 

With 23+ languages there can be no US of Europe, no Republic of Europe. People have to speak a common language to work and live together on a daily basis. 

Thus watch Europe dissolve.