Monday, October 10, 2011

The "Vikings Invasion" model for SME led exports!

1. Intro:

Who in Europe has really cared to examine "sur-le-terrain" the real problems of SMEs and micro firms in the EU's or Euroland's periphery and find real solutions to them?

Greece's rebound in growth and jobs can come from a mass/pack of new exporting micros & SMEs that will "invade" with their products and in some cases services, the Euroland, the EU Single Market and world markets as the Vikings ships invaded Europe 1000 yrs ago.

Not via large corporations or large private investors.

2. Business as a revolution:

October 9, 2011: 44 years without Che!
Che, an Argentinian of Spanish and Irish descend, had concluded that Latin America's ingrained economic inequalities were an intrinsic result of capitalism, monopolism,neocolonialism & imperialism.

Which of these variables apply in Europe today?
What would a European Che do today? IMO go to Greece or Ireland or Portugal or the Baltics, the EU's periphery, and start an exporting SME. To the Eurozone/Euroland, to the EU Single Market or even to the global one!

Because I ask you, what is more revolutionary and heroic than starting an exporting SME in the Euroland of 2011, especially its periphery?

Plus: Not tolerating monopolies, oligopolies, monopsonies and oligopsonies is not a Leninist monopoly! Real free market fans share this POV!

3. Scope

It is true that most SMEs are occupied with local and national regulatory, redtape and other issues.

That is precisely the main problem of SMEs. Their local "worldview". That is why I call the model I propose "Vikings invasion"!

The EU27 even EZ17 spaces are alas a bureaucratic swamp where mainly large companies and corporations can "work"/operate! The swamp is created mostly by local/national regulations/polynomy and resulting red tape.

Almost 18 years of BS re the EU Single Market is enough!

SMEs need a REAL Single Market now!

The Europlus Six-Pack is no solution to Europe's growth and job creation problems.

The "Vikings Invasion" SME pack-exporting model is!

4. The "Vikings Invasion" model for SME led exports (and growth and jobs creation)

Look into history texts on how (method) the Vikings invaded and dominated Europe for 3 centuries! The key success factor was the independence of each vessel. Yet these vessels formed a "loose" pack that because of its non-coordinated nature it made it difficult for others to defend against! Viking "SME" vessels, due to their size, used Europe's inland waterways to reach all parts of Europe.

This model is what Greek, Irish, Spanish, Portuguese SMEs and their economies need today!

The "Vikings invasion" model for exporting micros & SMEs can be a solution not only for Greece and Ireland & but other EU/Eurozone economies too!

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