Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Towards a new paradigm for the "West"?

1st draft of a brief working paper

1) The West's dominant paradigm has failed to gain global approval - appeal

2) It has even failed to gain approval - appeal in a large part of Europe and the EU

3-4) It is now being challenged in some its core hubs (UK, USA) while in Germany and North - North-West Europe it is trying to gain appeal via populism and xenophobia

5) Is there a solution? a) To incorporate other existing paradigms frm the rest of the world & from rest of Europe b) to go back 2 its roots

6) Option B: Go back to its roots & rebuild from there. But which are its roots? Renaissance, Rome, The Hellenistic Times, Athens?

7) What would the paradigm today be if Alexander the Great had not died but had lived to further develop his own "globalisation"?

8) Alexander's prepared the Hellenistic Times by respecting Egyptian, Persian & other cultures and merging them w/ the Classical Greek one

9) It was left up to his successors & lasted not long enough. Had it lasted longer, would Rome have emerged the way it did?

10) Option A: Can West's Times respect & incorporate other world cultures the way Alexander incorporated others to the Classical Greek one?

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