Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The TOS stu....! Fewer rules and better rules!

Think of a country as a social medium (used to call them online communities) and its laws as the terms of service (TOS) of that medium/community. Would you want to live in a SM/community with a 10000000 pages TOS?

Or a condominium with a 10000000 pages book of rules for its tenants?

Or buy a TV set with a 10000000 pages manual?

Now take 27 social media or communities. How can people through-out those communities when each has its own 1000000000 pages of rulesbook? Now assume that in some areas, the rules are common, some not, but each community transposes those rules that they develop and vote together on its own? Can you easily cross between each community/social medium?

Now take 200+ social media or online communities with each its own 100000000 pages rulesbook.

That's the world (planet) we average people and the average company (micro or SME) tries to live, work, venture, growth, do things in.

See the problem?

Fewer rules, better rules, and above all, common rules. For a planet we can all live better on it.

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