Thursday, August 25, 2011

Merkel, CDU, Obama. East Asian Tigers, leadership, Political Union

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  1. Finally a German statesman speaks out, loudly! Since the coalition government with the liberals got into place, chancellor Merkel's results are sometimes a disaster, not only for Germany but for all of us. In particular in Foreign Policy matters it is a complete chaos, with an incompetent minister Westerwelle of Foreign Affairs at his 'best'. Look for example at their positions concerning the ME. On the most crucial moments in modern history Germany was letting world progress down. That the Russians, Chinese and a couple of other nations still don't understand the needs of 21th is, unfortunately, a matter of fact, but the Germans.... Well, the fresh winds (f.ex. the 'Arab Spring') is sweeping over us everywhere and will force the unwilling leaders to accept reality and don't forget...good policy with reliable, long term views, always will be rewarded in the longterme.


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