Sunday, August 14, 2011

EU & USA: The right policies can come from the center

Neither Marx nor Hayek or Ayn Rand were right. The times call for effective and to some extent radical policy, from the center! Neither monetarism nor keynesianism. ''

We are flooded by ideologies that either theologise the markets or demonise the state and its public sector (eg most Libertarians) or, the opposite, ie theologise the state and its public sector and demonise the private sector.

Neoliberalism and conservatism tend to underestimate the fundamental human "need" for basic needs including the security of social security. Socialism tends to suppress the freedom of economic and entrepreneurial expression. Both are faulty.

Most political parties and political/policy platforms to the right and left of the center miss the concept that some things are better done by the market, some are better done by the public sector (aka the state). Each has activities where it is stronger than the other. Neither the (financial and other) markets nor the state should be an object of political or philosophical worship!

The center I am referring to recognises both:
a) the need to secure peoples' basic needs and
b) to give people more freedom in pursuing wants and dreams

in their work/economic or social or other aspects of their lives

Modern systemics and dynamics are complex and volatile thus they are difficult to grasp. Thus some resort to the aforementioned and other simplistic models that have confused the public opinion.

What is the solution?

Not a simple one, but a basic element of any centrist model is:

To have the state/Society guarantee all its members that rain or shine their basic needs will be covered and then let them go out to real free markets to pursue their wants.

The philosophy that every human deserves healthcare, a basic place to live and basic food on the table, not matter whether he/she has "earned" it or not. That is the humanist as well as the proper thing for a society and polity to do. And the European way, in various models but with the same core values, aka the European Social Model. The ongoing crises are not an excuse to dismantle this model. If anything, it needs to to adopted globally, at least to some extent.

The key to the centrist policy platform I am referring to is separating needs from mere wants.

Radical times call for radical policy making. But these radical policies will come from the center, neither left and certainly not the hawkish right. In Europe, in the US, and elsewhere.

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