Friday, June 17, 2011

EU Systemics: Some possible options for Political Union

Option A:


All 5 are Eurozone17 members

Option B:

A5 + Belgium

Option C:

B6 + Bulgaria + Romania
8 members, 6 of then in Eurozone17

Option D:

B6 + Germany + Austria + Slovenia

9 members, all Eurozone17 members

Option E:

D9 + Bulgaria + Romania

11 members, 9 Eurozone17 members

Option F:

Eurozone17 - Finland - Ireland

15 members, all but 2 of the Eurozone17 members

Option G:

EU27 minus UK, Hungary, Czech Rep., Sweden
In other words, the 23 that agreed to the Europlus pact a few months ago

More options are possible. Will list them plus put more beef in the 7 ones listed in this post in forthcoming post.

A key "technical" issue is whether a political union should include all Eurozone17 members or could function w/o some Eurozone members.
Plus whether it could include and function including some of the 10 non-Eurozone members.

Interesting, times, too interesting, but EUrope has to move forward., someway, somehow, finally.

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There is also an "EU Political Union Now!" group om Facebook.

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