Sunday, March 27, 2011

Post EUCO Europlus considerations: A European model of the social partners or the central bankers?

1) Europlus Pact: Which autonomy is more important, policy-wise: a) the autonomy of the central bank or b) the autonomy of the social partners? IMO, (b).

2) After EUCO, ie the European Council of 24-25 March (and the Europlus Pact of the 23), I pose again the strategic-policy questtion: Who understands the real economy better? a) the central bankers or b) the social partners? IMO, again (b).

3) Thus the crucial IMO Trade (growth (and competitiveness and export?)) Policy question: What are the effects on Eurozone exports from a 1.4-1.42 USD/Euro rate? (for background info see the Bloomberg article "Euro Falls From 4-Month High Reached on ECB Rate Speculation" by Allison Bennett, Mar 26, 2011)

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