Friday, November 5, 2010

Econ & Policy Dynamics: Who is the central planner after all?

October US unemployment rate steady at 9.6% but 151,000 new jobs created

France's "realeconomik" (with China)> 14+ bn Euros worth (but worth it?)

"QE2" The US Fed will buy $600bn of US gov bonds, thus pumping liquidity (stimulus) into the US economy (QE1 was worth $1.75tn)

Which is the centrally planned economy after all? China or the US (or France)? It's getting confusing. Why?

a) Geithner's 4% upper limit proposal on trade balances.

b) China's Foreign Minister said his country "planned" to double the value of its annual imports from France to Euros 56bn over the next 5 years!
Reminder: China is WTO member and trade (imports and exports) are SUPPOSED to be (almost) free. Thus how can China PLAN to double its imports from France?

In the meantime, the G20 summit is next week.

Another interesting element is that officials in China and Germany have complained re the US' "QE2"!!!

While in the recent past the US admin has complained re Germany's over-exporting and timid domestic consumption!

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