Thursday, August 11, 2011

The sensitive warrior

There are 30" left in the game. The opponents are leading. The team is determined to win. Armed with years of training and experience, loyalty to the team and to the home crowd, and a lot of "HR Capital", they know they can do it. They are true warriors.

Salvaging all their strength, they go for the "extra yard". They win because they want to win more badly than the opponents.

They are now given the trophy under the cheering of the enormous crowd. They are the champions. They are winners, and to the winners the "spoils".

For many, business was and still is like "war". Just like football, just like "love". They do business, they play football, they treat the opposite sex as a battle.

To win, they study the opponents, they get motivated, they fight, they beat them. They treat the market just like they would treat the target territory. Fight and conquer.

In human relationships, this kind of "lover" has long gone out of "fashion". Nowadays it is the sensitive "lover" who builds relationships, who is chosen, isn't he.

He does not worry about beating any opponents. He focuses on understanding the opposite sex, feeling the emotions of the persons he is interested in.

Isn't the same principle applicable to business today?

a) the competition matter, or
b) feeling the 'clients', building relationships with them? Keeping them (the target market) happy. Understanding and satisfying their needs and wants.

Some would agree with (b).

Others claim that this is nice in theory, but beating the competitors, the other "suitors", does matter too.

It is a matter of balance between the two, hence the need for a "sensitive warrior"?

Written: 2003

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