Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It takes a "Society"

IMO a truly public option should be financed not via employers and employees Social Sec contributions, but the general taxes. Again IMO solidarity is health risks and costs is a basic function of a "Society". W/o it there is no "Society" to speak of. Only a "trailer park", at best. No person should have to carry the private sector premiums that his/her or family history "dictate" or be labeled "to risky to insure".

Is the plan is "dead", I am alas not surprised. It seems that the same special interests that opposed Hilary's plans in the first Clinton Admin. (1994) and almost "cost" him his re-election, have won again, some 15 years later. Would a Hilary Administration have a better chance to pass a plan this year? One will never know. Her plan was more ambitious though. Who knows, maybe in 2016 (years).

Or maybe Americans who wants solidarity based health insurance may need to start heading towards the North or the East (again, this time the opposite way from the 15th century).

Sparta or Athens? It seems that the Spartan system has won. It seems.

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