Saturday, June 6, 2009

On the "purpose of life"

On the "purpose of life"

Some more syllogisms of mine from a recent philosophical discussion (philosophy on life):

Some people, indeed, are "trapped" in seeking purpose, they become "enslaved" by /prisoners of a purpose or by the seeking of - finding one.

It is like a teacher tells the pupils to write an essay on a topic of their own personal choosing, and most pupils insist that the teacher dictates a topic, they are unable or "lost" in finding one of their own. And if the teacher insists, they try to copy a topic from a fellow pupil or seek the nerd of the class and ask him for a topic ("gurus").

It is "funny" how in totalitarian states, "citizens" have "topics" forced upon them by a secular "teacher". And that in more liberal ones (eg USA), many people still cannot deal with "freedom" from secular "teachers" ("big brothers") and need a "divine" teacher to give them one, often in return for the promise/hope of life after death or even better, one in "heaven".

More widely, most peoples' mindsets, in all issues, seeks for ONE cause of things (from accidents to the creation of the universe). They seem unable or unwilling to fathom the concept of "dynamics" and "interplay of many forces/parameters/factors", be it in existential or daily life matters. There has to be a "causer" or someone in charge or someone responsible or "guilty" for everything that happens (even themselves). A "blame someone for everything"culture. And there has to exist motivation (eg in trials of people). That is why some prosecutors have to "devise" a simplistic causality "model" to better win their cases in front of many juries.

Whereas secular societies are founded on freedom within the sole confines of respect of Constitution and laws. Constitution and laws "govern" secular societies, not Presidents, Governors, etc. That is a concept many people miss.

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