Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Graffiti 2009"

Lusting on a beach?
Casting for a play?
Fasting for a cause?
Trusting in an asset?

Profiteering in free trade?
Demonstrating for world aid?
Managing in global markets?
Decision making in uncertainty?

Shareholder value maximizing around the world?
Hitch hiking in Southern France?
Lobbying in DC?
Vagabonding in South America?

Investing in London?
Trade negotiating in Geneva?
Service providing throughout the EU?
FTA building in WTOland?

Loving in Paris?
Marrying in Rome?
Divorcing in Vegas?
Having children in Asia?

Living in the world?
Living off the world?
Living online?
Living on the line?

Investing in dreams?
Investing in hope?
Merging companies?
Or acquiring global tastes?

Competing in dilemmas?
Competing in blue oceans?
Harboring expectations?
Or evaluating risks?

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