Friday, May 8, 2009

Thinking: Sanctuaries

In these turbulent, highly uncertain times, what are our "sanctuaries"?
"Sanctuary" employers - companies (for employees)?
"Sanctuary" economies (for companies)?
"Sanctuary" relationships (of various "kinds" of "relationships", friends, etc)?

What are your "sanctuaries"?

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  1. I never thought of employers or the place of employment as a sanctuary ..HUM. Maybe because that so many businesses here in the USA are not loyal to their people as they were 50 yaers ago. Many years ago people tended to stay and retire at the employer they started from when they were young or generational employment IE: My father worked here as did my grandfather and thus I shall work here too.. etc."Loyalty" there is no loyalty, safe palce as there was years ago or a sanctuary.
    Homes? The family life is important and perhaps I have been looking for sanctuary for a long time a place to be safe and respected and a palce to be happy. Sanctuary" Honor" interesting vlog incredibly


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