Sunday, May 10, 2009

thinking: "it's the Services and the SMEs 'stupid'" (aka "antiquated mindsets")

It is my thesis that many politicians and policy makers, media, Citizen's Society activists as well as the general public have an antiquated mindset when it comes to "business". That their "cognitive associations" link the word "business" with large, huge, industrial companies (if not men dressed in heavy dark suits with cigars in their mouths in smoke stuffed board rooms).


Because, at least in most of the OECD countries, at least, most of the economic activity is made up of Services, sometimes up to 75-80%. And that this "Services" sector that now dominates economic activity consists of mostly small and micro and some medium and a few large companies, in most of those economies.

Yet those you formulate or comment on policy, politicians, policy makers, media and activists, do so with this antiquated mindset "in mind".

And that leads to policies that are not that relevant to the socio-economic reality of our post/meta-industrial times.

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