Thursday, May 21, 2009

on "Drama" in life in 2009

Drama sells, does it not? At least that seems to be the perception of many media, eager to draw attention (aka ratings or viewers/listeners/readers), many bloggers and vloggers and other people in other "situations".

What is then a proper label for the times we live in, eg this decade (since 2000)?

Financial Times? Uncertain Times? Drama Times? Volatile Times? Oxymoronic Times? Hysteric Times? Global Times? etc etc

Many of the above labels, IMO, partially characterise or capture, the "whole" of these times. But IMO "Hysteria" is the most "inclusive" one.

This hysteria is induced, promoted or amplified by certain media, by certain commentators, by certain "preachers" or "activists", by many "drivers" in any case.

How can one resist or avoid the hysteria or the drama, which IMO are, at worst, quite bad for one's health and, at best, disorienting us from making sound decisions in out lives as well as "quality life"?

The answer IMO is: Whereas we live in liberal and pluralistic times, and Love is a healthy and well as humanistic emotion, that does not mean that we have to fraternize with those who bring a negative aura in our lives. Between Love and Hate, the latter being politically incorrect as well as unhealthy, IMO, there is after all the state of "tolerance". But tolerating something (eg drama) or someone (eg a drama king or queen) does not mean fraternizing. Live and let live does not imply Love, but it requires, again IMO, absence of hatred and a willingness to put into practice the concept of "if it bothers you, overlook it (or pass it by).

Of course that does not mean "apathy", but it does not mean that we have to remain in relationships or not change the dial on "sources" of "drama".

Whereas Loving all other humans, everyone, is hard in practice, albeit a grand theory, tolerance is IMO a realistic practical solution. And as I propose, tolerance does not mean fraternising, ot means live and let live.


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