Friday, May 29, 2009

beyond the myths of globalisation and "free trade"

Some recent thought briefs of mine on the subject:

* are "globalisation" and "free trade" nothing but illusions - myths?

(what about "fair trade" asked a friend. Well,, I am in favor of calling a spade a spade and thus I could "be OK" with many different types of trade, even a "fortress" model, provided that whatever the model, it was clear and consistent thus allowing real people and medium and small companies of this world to know what the actual game rules were and these were feasible for them.)

* maybe there is a need for a #WTO "Mach2" to move things forward decisively for those WTO members willing and able to do so

* I fail to see why/how public procurement by Canadian provinces and other non federal entities can fall outside WTO rules

* I am not a legal expert but I fail to see how the US stimulus' "buy American" clause can be compatible with WTO rules

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